Telemachus 0103 DA8A6A7-5 P G Lt NI Ri Wa

Starport quality D
Berthing Cost:50 Cr. Fuel:Unrefined Facilities:Limited Repair
Size 16,000 km Surface Gravity:1.4
Atmosphere Type Dense, High (D): These worlds have thick N2/O2 atmospheres,
but their mean surface pressure is too high to support unprotected
human life (high pressure nitrogen and oxygen are deadly to
humans). However, pressure naturally decreases with increasing
altitude, so if there are highlands at the right altitude the pressure
may drop enough to support human life. Alternatively, there may not
be any topography high enough for humans to inhabit, necessitating
floating gravitic or dirigible habitats or sealed habitats on the surface.
Pressure 1.5-2.49
Survival Gear Required -
Temperature Temperate
Hydrographic percentage 96-100% Almost entirely water.
Population Millions (1-9)
Government Type Charismatic dictator
Description Ruling functions are performed by agencies directed by a single leader who enjoys the overwhelming confidence of the citizens.
Examples Revolutionary leader, messiah, emperor.
Common Contraband None
Rival Factions/Colonies 1
Strength Obscure group – few have heard of them, no popular support
Cultural Differences Unusual Customs: Social Standings – the culture has a distinct
caste system. Characters of a low social standing who do not
behave appropriately will face punishment.
Law Level 7
Illegal Possessions |Weapons| |Drugs| |Information| |Technology| |Travellers| |Psionics|
Tech Level 5

Gas Giant

Travel Code Green
Trade Codes
Lt NI Ri Wa

Low Technology Lt Low Technology worlds are preindustrial
and cannot produce
advanced goods.

Non-Industrial NI Non-Industrial worlds are too
low-population to maintain an
industrial base.

Rich Ri Rich worlds are blessed with
a stable government and
viable biosphere, making them
economic powerhouses.

Water World Wa Water Worlds are nearly entirely


Traveller Uthred Uthred