Laestrygonia 0401 A878777-13 N T R G A Ag Ga Ht


  • AHD: /lēĕ?strīgōnēŏns/
Starport quality A
Berthing Cost:5000 Cr. Fuel:Refined Facilities:Shipyard (all),Repair Type:HighPort,Space Elevator
Size 12,800 km (Earth) Surface Gravity:1.0
Atmosphere Type Standard,Tainted: Tainted atmospheres contain some element that is harmful to humans, such as an unusually high proportion of carbon dioxide. A character who breathes a tainted atmosphere without a filter will suffer 1d6 damage every few minutes (or hours, depending on the level of taint).
Pressure 0.71 – 1.49
Survival Gear Required Filter
Temperature Temperate
Hydrographic percentage 76%–85% Water world
Population 70,000,000
Government Type Balkanisation
Description No central authority exists; rival governments compete for control. Law level refers to the government nearest the starport.
Examples Multiple governments, civil war.
Common Contraband Varies
Rival Factions/Colonies 3 (1:1:6)
Strength Obscure group – few have heard of them, no popular support:Obscure group – few have heard of them, no popular support: Minor group – some supporters
Cultural Differences Remnant – the culture is a surviving remnant of a once-great and vibrant civilisation, clinging to its former glory. The world is filled with crumbling ruins, and every story revolves around the good old days.
Law Level 7
Illegal Possessions
Weapons X
Drugs X
Information X
Technology X
Travellers X
Psionics X
Tech Level 13 Average Stellar
Naval A naval base is a supply depot, refuelling station, repair yard or fortress of either the Imperial Navy or the local sector navy. Naval vessels can obtain refined fuel and supplies here. Naval bases are always guarded by armed vessels and fixed defences. Ex-navy characters may meet contacts or allies here, and mercenary characters can try to pick up work. Naval bases also have an advanced hospital although it is normally available only to naval personnel. Characters may also be able to purchase navy-surplus weapons here.
Guild This is a Guild Hostel, where characters with Guild membership and their guests can stay. Guild Hostels offer medical facilities for members, as well as supplies and luxuries not normally available on most worlds. Guild Hostels are a good source of rumours and passengers.
Research A Research base is dedicated to a particular field of research. The base might be a weapons testing facility, or a solar observatory, or part of a secret Imperial project. A research base may have connections or allies of scholar characters. Such bases may have advanced medical facilities if that is their field.
Gas Giants A star system may have one or more gas giant planets (similar to Jupiter or Saturn). The presence of a gas giant allows starships equipped with fuel scoops to refuel by skimming; this eliminates fuel cost for the vessel and increases profi t. It also allows refuelling at systems that do not have starports. Refuelling in this fashion requires 1–6 hours. Fuel gained by skimming is unrefined.
Trade Codes
Agricultural Ag Agricultural worlds are dedicated to farming and food production. Often, they are divided into vast semi-feudal estates.
Garden Ga Garden worlds are Earth-like.
High Technology Ht High Technology worlds are among the most technologically advanced in the Imperium.


Laestrygonia is a water world. The primary industry of the planet is farming the vast oceans for a variety of sea life. The entire farming industry is heavily automated. The planet’s high level of technology allows a relatively small population to farm the majority of the worlds oceans.

One of the most prevalent, unique and lucrative species on Laestrygonia is the Artakia. This tiny amphibian infests over seventy percent of the worlds oceans and its unique cycle poses a serious athmospheric issue for the planets population. A mature artakia lays billions of eggs in the omnipresent green plankton which covers Laestrygonia’s ocean’s. When the egg’s mature and hatch the tiny larva, which are lighter than air, are carried forth in huge white clouds by the constantly blowing ocean winds. The larvae infest other animals via their breathing apparatus. Once they have infected the host the larvae voraciously devour the hosts flesh, swelling to many times their size, before burrowing their way out.

As the larve are practically impossible to spot anyone venturing outside the sealed dome’s of the citys needs to wear filters to prevent infection. Once infected the larvae can be easily killed with a locally produced vaccine, though said cure tends to cause an unpleasant allergic reaction in non-natives.

The mature form of the Artakia secretes a thick toxin which is a key ingredient in the manufacture of certain agathic’s. As it is currently impossible to breed the Artakia in laboratory or controlled conditions the population has no choice but to put up with the current conditions.

Laestrygonia’s sole landmass forms an equatorial girdle. Though there are small islands scattered across the worlds surface. The distribution of the land, as well as the presence of sub-aquatic ruins has led many geologists to concur that the planet had suffered some catastrophe in the past which destroyed or sunk huge portions of the worlds landmass.

Dotted almost equi-distantly around the worlds girdle are six massive domed arcologies. The first five are independent city-states, each ruled by a corporate council. The sixth is an extension of the NEC run HighPort and serves as one of the anchors for the space elevator.

The five cities are in constant competition. But the bottom-line means that the conflict never escalates above small skirmishes between security forces. Corporate espionage as well as industrial and economic sabotage account for the main body of conflict between the cities. The sixth city, ruled by the NEC Starport’s administrator is a neutral territory and any visible conflict is quickly quashed by local marine forces.


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