Universe Overview


Earth moved slowly into space across the Solar system
Strange architectural remnants found in obscure places, many strange theories
Governments give way to corporations
Huge jump forward after Mars Dynamics develops the first jump drive
Humanity spread out across universe
Mars Dynamics remain gatekeepers of Jump technology,
Solar system involved in massive jump accident, all contact lost, no ships can jump in or out
MD blames botched corporate espionage disrupting new jump drive tests
Orion in the Olympian sub-sector becomes the new centre of humanity and the corporate council
Mars Dynamics becomes the star farers guild declares absolute neutrality
Corps give way to extended familial dynasties, management becomes nobility
Families and humanity united under first emperor
Several centuries pass
Imperial abuses and excesses of the nobility lead to sporadic uprisings which snowball into a galaxy wide coup
The New Earth Commonwealth took power over the majority of known space a decade ago
Nobility dropped titles and took more visible roll in the running of their hereditary corporate holdings
Imperial holdouts, centred around the core of the Imperial navy and the imperial heir control most of the Chronos sub-sector, reached truce with NEC five years ago

Major Players

NEC Navy
NEC Scout Service
Imperial Postal Service – Originally part of the empire following the NEC’s coup it struck out as a neutral organisation under the leadership of the current Postmaster General Lyle Graham. As an essential element of interstellar life it quickly signed treaties with the NEC, the imperial remnants and the guild.
Star farers Guild
Imperial Remnants

Universe Overview

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